Weight Loss Causes Hair Loss – 3 Best Method to Beautiful Healthy Hair


To improve their physique, many women often apply a strict diet, abstain from fat, starch, and even empty stomach for many days. However, after only a while, I noticed that the weight loss diet was catastrophic. So how does science explain this hair loss dieting situation and how to overcome it to be beautiful from shape to hair? Immediately read the shares in the article below to get the answer to how to resolve “Weight Loss Causes Hair Loss“.

Why does weight loss causes hair loss?

1. Fasting causes a lack of hair nutrients

Rapid weight loss diets can help you lose weight quickly. However, “squeezing weight” by fasting, cutting fat, eating less protein, and lacking starch causes uncontrolled hair loss. Specifically:

Lack of fat

Usually, when dieting to lose weight, people often remove fat from their meals but do not know that hair needs to have enough nutrients such as vitamin E, omega-3 oils are abundant in fats to stay strong. And when you completely abstain from fat, the hair follicles and hair germ cells gradually weaken, easily affected by external factors and Weight Loss Causes Hair Loss.

Lack of protein

Not only fat, but protein also plays an important role in the production of hair fiber which is a type of protein. Lack of protein makes hair dry and prone to breakage. Dr. Manoj Khanna, a leading expert in plastic surgery and hair transplantation at Enhance Aesthetic & Cosmetic Hospital (India) said: “There are many weight loss diets that provide very little protein and cause hair loss. So, if lack of protein, weight loss causes hair loss.

Lack of Zinc

In the human body, zinc is an essential trace mineral, indispensable in protein synthesis and hormone balance. With hair, zinc plays an important role in the growth of hair tissues; keeping the oil glands around the follicles working properly, helping to limit dandruff and dry hair; Helping strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

When you apply an unscientific diet, not providing enough zinc for the body will lead to the body’s inability to synthesize enough protein and cause hormonal imbalance. This will cause DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) levels in men and estrogen in women to increase – which is believed to be one of the causes of hair loss.

Note, you should continue reading the article about “Weight Loss Causes Hair Loss” due to lack of any substance to continue to add more if you are experiencing this situation!

Lack of Iron

Iron is the building block of hemoglobin in red blood cells. When there is an iron deficiency, the body will have a shortage of blood. This can cause less blood flow to the brain, making hair germ cells not supplied with enough nutrients to grow into healthy hair, making hair more brittle than usual. In particular, a low-calorie, low-carb diet can cause a lot of hair loss.

Lack of Vitamin D

According to some studies, vitamin D helps stimulate cell growth and helps create new hair follicles. Vitamin D is absorbed mainly through exposure to sunlight and certain foods that help replenish this nutrient. Therefore, when your body lacks vitamin D, weight loss causes hair loss.

hair loss girl

2. Weight loss pills cause hair loss

In order for the process of losing weight and getting in shape quickly, in addition to applying a strict diet, many women also combine the use of rapid weight loss drugs. However, the side effects of some weight loss drugs like Phentermine can cause hair loss when used.

3. Stress, pressure when losing weight

Weight pressure, low self-esteem about body shape more or less affect psychology, making women stressed. Along with that, physical fatigue when suffering from nutritional deficiencies during the diet can cause more hair loss. So, stressed weight loss causes hair loss. Be calm, be happy, everything will be OK, my friends.

The secret to having a beautiful figure without affecting the hair

Through the information shared above, you probably know the reason why weight loss causes hair loss, right? At this time, in order to have both healthy and beautiful hair, you need to pay attention to the following issues:


1. Balance food, ensure quality for the body

Women need to understand weight loss by dieting, unscientific fasting not only weight loss causes hair loss and exhaustion, but after a period of fasting, the body tends to absorb more food. Therefore, women need to build for themselves a scientific diet, control the daily food intake (1200 – 1600 Kcal/day) but still ensure to provide the necessary nutrients, including 4 groups of nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals) to nourish the body and maintain the beauty of the hair.

A small tip for women is that a diet with adequate protein, vitamins A, C … and a little fat-containing Omega-3, vitamin E will be beneficial for hair growth, contributing to nourishing longer, smoother hair, protect “weight loss causes hair loss”. The micronutrients necessary for hair such as omega-3 and vitamins above do not adversely affect the weight loss process. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins & minerals; Good fats are commonly found in fish. Strengthening these foods helps to lose fat without losing nutrition to the hair.

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2. Do exercise

The way to be beautiful from shape to hair, prevent “weight loss causes hair loss” is to combine exercise and scientific eating. Practicing sports such as: jogging, gym, Squats, Plank, push-ups, swimming … will help consume energy, burn excess fat, help lose weight safely and effectively. In addition, practicing sports with a suitable and regular frequency not only keeps your body in shape, mentally refreshed, but also helps metabolism and blood circulation, healthier hair, and more beautiful hair.

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3. Care for hair germ cells

According to experts, weight loss causes hair loss, after about two months of abstaining from food due to weight loss, hair often falls out like “autumn leaves”. In particular, in women over 30, age-related hair loss, combined with an imbalanced nutritional status due to improper weight loss, will make hair loss serious and difficult to grow back. Even though he/she started eating and drinking again after that. Science explains this phenomenon is due to the weakening of hair germ cells.

Hair follicle stem cells

Hair germ cells are the seeds that form the hair shaft. Through the process of differentiation, hair germ cells move from the hair bulge to the dermis, where they will differentiate into components such as the medulla, the inner sheath, and the outer sheath of the hair. Lack of nutrition makes hair germ cells weak, less healthy and from there the hair is difficult to grow or weak, once it grows, it is easy to fall. When this stage happens, it is difficult to simply supplement with nutrition to save the hair, thinning hair and baldness will be the consequences later.

Therefore, to not weight loss causes hair loss, to have beautiful thick hair and reduce shedding, it is necessary to pay attention to promoting hair germ cell growth. Science has proven that this is a new “savior” solution for women’s hair, helping women reduce shedding and keep the spring in their hair forever.

After research, scientists have found that Cynatine® essence (in TressAnew products) has specific effects on hair. That’s because Cynatine® contains a protein called Keratin (in the form of a Peptide). Meanwhile, Keratin makes up 80% of the hair structure.

With high biological activity, when extracted using advanced technology, Cynatine® will provide amino acids with the same ratio as Keratin to hair to protect “Weight Loss causes Hair Loss” and grow hair germ cells. From there, it helps reduce shedding, stimulates hair growth, and strengthens hair from the inside.

In addition, TressAnew also contains many other vitamins and minerals such as Biotin, Vitamin B5, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Iron, Potassium, L-Cystine, Omega-3… These are all important and necessary vitamins and minerals. for the process of nourishing the scalp from the inside.

In case of weight loss diet, if unfortunately not providing enough of these nutrients, weight loss causes hair loss. TressAnew will help “compensate” for you, thereby limiting the risk of breakage, and hair will grow thicker and smoother.

Chrissa Story - Weight Loss causes Hair Loss

Chrissa was at a Memorial Day family picnic, standing next to her dad in line for potato salad when her son yelled out…

“Mommy and grandpa have the same hair!”

Her dad’s receding hairline was more prominent than ever…

And Chrissa’s hair was falling apart in the same areas.

She was so humiliated that she tried to dodge every family picture that day.

Chrissa knew something needed to change…

But according to her dermatologist, her hair problems were genetic and couldn’t be fixed…

It was something she’d have to live with…

And do her best to “hide” over time.

That killed Chrissa.

Her thin, brittle hair was like a dark cloud following her everywhere…

She hated the constant feeling of insecurity and humiliation…

She’d check the mirror countless times a day to be sure to hide what felt like a broad road of scalp showing through…

She never wanted to leave the house…

And was sick and tired of every woman in her life-giving her unsolicited advice on how to “fix” her hair.

They’d tell her to just “cover it up with mascara”…

Or “stop shampooing and applying heat so you don’t lose more hair than you have to.”

It drove her insane!

This is why even though her dermatologist told her that her hair was a lost cause…

She didn’t stop looking for something that would help.

She started with DIY remedies like coconut oil and store-bought topicals…

She lined her shower wall with new shampoos and conditioners…

hair loss

Her hairstylist even recommended she get used to the idea of using extensions…

The only problem is, extensions would just do more damage to the precious strands she had left.

So she didn’t give up, and eventually…

Chrissa was introduced to a 5-second at-home finger test from researchers at the University of Michigan…

She didn’t expect the test to actually work…

After all, what can your fingers possibly tell you about your hair problems? Well…

It turns out a lot more than you’d imagine.

Because soon after taking the test…

Chrissa realized her hair-loss woes were caused by a sneaky enzyme that caused her hormones to cannibalize her hair.

This is why nothing she tried in the past worked…

Because she completely missed the root cause of her hair problems.

And the fix was so simple she didn’t believe it at first.

A simple 8-second trick using a strange Chinese herb…

That’s been used in ancient cultures to help women, even as old as 83… maintain strong, thick, luscious hair… while boosting its youthful color and shine.

Today, Chrissa’s story is totally different…

She says…

“My hair got shinier within a few weeks, so I knew it was working…

But after a couple of months, my thin spots finally began to thicken, and my hair doesn’t break anymore when I run my hands through it.

I’ve never felt this good about how my hair looks since before I had my firstborn and it feels amazing.”

Can you believe that?

Her hair situation turned around fast…

Just by adding a simple 8-second routine to the beginning of her day when she stepped out of the shower.

It just goes to show that no matter how bad it gets…

If you don’t give up… it’s never too late to restore your hair.

Just something to fire you up today.

And if you suffer from dull, brittle, troublesome hair or Weight Loss causes Hair Loss like Chrissa did…

You’ll want to see the amazing 2022 discovery responsible for a radical new hair-boosting routine that’s helping thousands of women restore thickness, shine, and health to their hair FAST.

beautiful girl with long hair

Through all of the above sharing, you probably have the answer to weight loss causes hair loss in particular and when the diet is unbalanced, eating less starch causes hair loss, as well as understanding How to fix hair loss when losing weight, right? Keeping in shape is a good thing, but lose weight and keep it in a scientific way, sisters! Do not let weight loss also lose hair, pale skin, lack of vitality, it is not good.

Stop Hair Fall in Weight Loss | 100% Permanent Solution

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