Vipassana Meditation Benefits and Practice Guide – Purify the mind & achieve peace

Vipassana meditation quotes

You have heard about Vipassana meditation but do not fully understand it. Don’t worry, in this article, I will explain in the easiest way for you to understand the overview of what is vipassana meditation? And what are the Vipassana meditation benefits?

What is Vipassana Meditation?

Vipassana meditation (or insight meditation) is an ancient meditation method dating back 2500 years. Vipassana meditation is one of the most primitive meditation practices of ancient India, introduced and taught by the Buddha himself as the main method during his 45 years of teaching.

Vipassana is a way of self-transformation through self-observation. Vipassana is a method of meditation, different from ordinary meditation.
Ordinary meditation is usually done by focusing on the breath or a specific object to calm the mind, develop concentration and stillness, but it is not sustainable because we are constantly distracted by external impact. Ordinary meditation does not bring liberation because it does not give rise to wisdom, but it does have the ability to support Vipassana.

vipassana quotes

Vipassana meditation is a type of self-observation meditation, focusing on the intimate relationship between mind and body, thereby eliminating negative thoughts and actions and achieving peace, joy, and positive energy.

Since Vipassana means “seeing things as they really are while observing”, it is a logical process of purifying the mind by self-reflection. This is “wise meditation”, which helps us to correct the habits of attachment and delusion that have been imprinted in our minds for a long time.

Vipassana experiencing reality as it is

Vipassana Meditation Benefits

Vipassana meditation is a simple practice that helps us to see the essence of the problem so that the mind is at peace and leads to a peaceful and happy life. Just like exercise to improve physical strength, Vipassana meditation benefits helps practitioners develop a healthy mind to see that we are only judging things by our own limited understanding, thereby practicing, towards insight into the essence of things.

In general, there are many Vipassana meditation benefits, it directs people to the way of accepting all changes of things with a calm mind, building a healthy and peaceful inner life, also get a lot of physical and mental benefits such as:

  • Increases concentration, supports memory enhancement.
  • Reduce stress, fight symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders.
  • Make the mind clear, awake, shorten the time to sleep during the day.
  • Strengthen the body’s immunity.
  • Helps prevent heart disease, blood pressure…
  • Slow down the aging process.

In more detail, the process of achieving Vipassana meditation benefits is not measured by how many courses, how many years of practice, but our calmness and peace in daily life. You reap the benefits of Vipassana Meditation in the present moment. The first step is an attack on the ego, and gradually the ego will dissolve as the purification process begins.

Vipassana Meditation Benefits via real stories

One meditator said that as a teenager he had disagreements with his parents, and in anger, he abandoned his family home, and for the past ten years despite his parents’ efforts to find him, he still didn’t want to see them. 

When he came to the Vipassana course, and through the practice, Vipassana meditation benefits enlightened him, his ego started to fade and he suddenly realized his lack. He felt very miserable, but he began to feel the views of his parents. He sees many aspects of the same problem, and no longer thinks one way. He decided to write to his parents and let them know where he was; He returned home and resolved the old conflicts.

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Another meditator who is a nurse for a hospital, says Vipassana meditation benefits has helped her reduce frustration and confusion in her work. Every day she had to deal with blood, wounds, and sometimes she was paralyzed by these scenes. She didn’t move but decided to face the problem. With regular daily practice, she has become tougher and more balanced. 

This surprised the doctors and nurses who worked with her. Her patient care work also became better and better. When our mind undergoes a purification, our ability to work is also multiplied. Energy consumed in the fight against stress, narrow-mindedness, selfishness, emotional hindrance, is used in a more beneficial way. Our work also becomes more complete, in quality as well as in quantity.

girl vipassana meditation benefits

In addition to the inner purification (this is the key point of meditation practice), Vipassana meditations benefits have a good impact physically as well as mentally. Diseases such as high blood pressure, headaches, boils, sores,.. or “psychosomatic” diseases. These illnesses are cured during Vipassana meditation.

Besides, the people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs have completely abandoned these bad habits after practicing Vipassana.
Many meditators report that they have a higher concentration, increased memory, and learn and understand faster than usual. 
One student dropped out of school halfway, and had to take a sedative; now no longer taking medicine, went back to school and finished school. 

Vipassana, if practiced correctly, with correct understanding, will help each individual become better. As a result, each person can make a positive contribution to the building of a society in a harmonious and good manner.

Basic Vipassana Meditation Practice Guide


According to many experts, to be able to practice Vipassana meditation at its best, you should spend time participating in short-term meditation courses such as the 10-day Vipassana course.
During this process, you will be guided more deeply and thoroughly by experts so that you can open your mind, thereby setting the stage for self-practice at home. You should spend at least 1 hour/day to be able to practice Vipassana meditation at home, only then will you keep your health, peace of mind and always know how to appreciate the value of life, cherish the people who love you.

To practice basic Vipassana meditation at home, you need to first choose an open, quiet, and well-ventilated space to feel the best Vipassana meditation benefits.
If you can sit outside in nice weather, fresh air is best. You can sit on the ground or put a pillow underneath to relieve back strain.

The most standard Vipassana meditation posture is sitting cross-legged, which can be ordinary cross-legged, or half-lotus or full lotus position, keeping the back straight, slightly widening the shoulders, and raising the chest. During meditation you need to maintain a straight back posture, slightly raised head, open mouth naturally, should not close your mouth or grind your teeth. These small details will bring you more optimism and euphoria when meditating.

Now, let’s practice Vipassana for 10 minutes through the video below to feel Vipassana meditation benefits.
And don’t forget to comment below to let me know how you feel.

Above is the information that we shared with you about the Vipassana meditation benefits, practice guide. Hope that it will be useful to you. Don’t forget to regularly visit for more interesting information!

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