Keto Diet – Secret to Losing Weight and Burning Fat

keto diet foods

The Keto Diet has recently become a global lifestyle. All over the world, people talk about a special diet, which helps to lose weight and burn fat quickly and effectively. Moreover, the Keto diet also brings many health benefits to the people who apply it. If you stick with this ketogenic diet, you can see some amazing results. Practical benefits such as fast weight loss, beautiful skin, a clearer mind, and better sleep have helped thousands of women gain more confidence to shine. So what is the keto diet? Let’s learn about this divine diet with Calmvin.

What is the Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet is a diet that people eat very little carbohydrates in general, eat a moderate amount of protein and eat a lot of fat. Unlike the conventional diet, the method requires you to eat 60-70% of your calories from fat. Thereby, the body will enter a state of ketosis – which mainly uses energy (calories) from fat to meet daily activities, thereby, helping to lose weight and burn fat very quickly.

Before the 1970s, the Keto diet was used primarily to treat intractable epilepsy. Today, the keto diet is very popular with about 200 million people following it.

Ketogenic Diet

Is the Keto diet safe?

In principle, the Keto diet allows you to eat less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day (net carbs – not including fiber). With such a special low-carb diet. The liver uses fat (excess fat) to produce ketone bodies. When the liver makes ketones, it’s called a state of Ketosis (a state in which the body can use ketones for energy, instead of glucose).

In general, Keto is quite safe and meets the requirements for daily activities. The biggest difficulty of people applying this diet, that is, in the first days. Keto in particular and weight loss in general, are not easy, but Keto has been applied worldwide and helped millions of people lose weight successfully.

Variations of the Keto Diet

keto diet foods

The Keto diet has been around for more than 50 years, and keto is slowly becoming a way of life. So, keto has many different variations to suit different groups of people and cultures. In different countries, people also have a slightly different way of Keto to match their customs and living style.

Here are five popular variations of the keto diet:

1. Standard Keto Diet

This Keto method requires you to reduce the amount of carbohydrates (carbs) to a minimum of about 1/10 of the usual. In return, the amount of fat will increase up to 75% and the protein will stay the same (about 20%). This Keto way means you need to eliminate most sweet fruits, starchy foods like rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes; vermicelli – vermicelli – pho; soft drinks, sugarcane; common fruits, and nuts. You need to eat more vegetables, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, peanuts…

2. Keto detox diet

It is a combination of Keto and Detox. Keto detox recommends using many trace elements in the menu, especially B vitamins, L-carnitine and Molypdent. Keto Detox recommends using low GI (low glycemic index) foods instead of cutting it out like a regular Keto. Due to the increased use of L-carnitine and Molypdent, Keto Detoxx helps to cut fat faster than standard Keto. If you’re on Standard Keto and aren’t losing weight, it’s time to switch to the Keto Detox diet.


The standard keto menu is recommended for people who are overweight over 15-20kg and want moderate weight loss (3-5kg/month). Keto detox for miraculous results and much faster. People following the Keto detox diet can lose 3-5kg/week and do not experience the same side effects as standard Keto.

3. Cyclic Keto Diet

This method allows you to recoup your carbs after going on a ketogenic diet. For example: If you are on a 3-day keto diet, you are allowed to eat normally (stop keto) on the other 3 days. Then continue Keto for about 3 days.

4. Targeted Keto Diet

The standard keto diet is too scarce in carbs to be suitable for people with strong exercise needs (athletes) or people with a lot of brain activity. So these people need to add carbs when needed, usually before a workout.

5. High Protein Keto Diet

This diet will add more protein instead of fat. Recommended ratios are around 55% – 60% fat and 35% – 40% protein and 5% carbohydrates. This diet is especially suitable for models. Because this diet helps muscle mass not be “burned wrongly” because of a lack of calories. If you have the financial means, choose a high-protein Keto diet instead of the standard Keto diet.

The Practical Health Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Keto Diet Healthy Girl

There are many different reasons for a person to eat Keto. Some people eat Keto because their friends have been on Keto successfully. Some keto people are prescribed by a doctor. Some people are Keto because they understand that sugar (carbs) is the leading cause of aging and overweight. Or there are some people who want Keto just because they want to look good. Whatever the reason, keto has many practical health benefits. People consider the Keto diet to be a safe way to lose weight fast. If you follow the keto diet for 10 days or more, you will feel positive changes in your appearance and fitness.

Here are the outstanding benefits of the Ketogenic diet.


1. Weight loss

When eating and living according to the Keto diet, you will definitely lose weight. Because the production of ketones requires the use of fat as a raw material. Where does this fat come from? Part of it comes from food, but the other part comes from your “familiar” fat cells.

2. Can prevent type 2 diabetes

Because eating Keto means eliminating and controlling common sugars in the menu. At that time, the pancreas does not need to produce as much insulin hormone – the hormone that helps regulate blood sugar (blood sugar). Thereby, helping to protect the pancreas from overload. So, the keto diet helps prevent type 2 diabetes. But stop and read carefully. Keto helps “prevent” not “treat” type 2 diabetes. So, if you already have the disease, you should not eat Keto on your own, instead, consult your doctor.

3. May reduce cancer risk

While this is still the subject of controversy, more evidence is emerging that keto can reduce tumor growth and activity.

4. Improve heart health

Obesity is the enemy of heart health. Keto helps with weight loss, so can help improve blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. When weight is reduced, the amount of excess fat that “travels” in the circulatory system decreases, so Keto helps nutrients and oxygen move more easily.

5. Brain health and mental clarity

When the body uses Ketones body (ketones), the brain also works temporarily. Once you get into Ketosis, you feel more alert. When keto, don’t forget to add MCTs, coconut oil and other fats because they help improve brain function.

6. Fights and prevents inflammation

7. Other metabolic disorders

What are the side effects of keto diet?

When you first start the ketogenic diet, you will experience a lot of problems and fatigue, which are the side effects of Keto. After about a week or two, these side effects should go away. Here are some common keto symptoms and how to avoid them.

1. Keto Flu

Keto flu tips

About 4-10 days after starting Keto, you will feel tired, hungry, thirsty. You’ll also experience sluggish mental states, poorer workouts, and impaired sleep. Most people will experience Keto flu, because at that time the body has not yet made Ketones, but also lacks Glucose. The Keto flu will go away once you get into Ketosis. To avoid this situation, before Keto or during the first days of Keto, you should use Keto Detox.

2. Electrolyte imbalance – dizziness

Since the keto diet is quite extreme, you are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals. So eat foods rich in magnesium and potassium like green vegetables and nuts. If you find it difficult, buy and use 3 products that cannot be ignored for keto people, that is Keto Coconut Milk or Keto Detox, or Keto Collagen.

3. Constipation

Because on Keto, you have to eliminate most of the common fruits that cause a lack of fiber. Combined with eating a lot of fat, you may experience bloating. Get fiber and eat green vegetables, and drink lots of water. Or look for soluble fiber or Keto Detox.

4. Tired

You may feel tired because you initially have lower energy due to the lack of carbs. Try to rest and don’t try to work out until you’re out of the transition.

5. Keto breath

This is actually a good sign, because it is a sign that the body has entered Ketosis. When entering a state of Ketosis, Ketones are produced and mixed in your breath, making your breath smell bad. Chew gum and keto mints and drink plenty of water.

6. Stop losing weight

On Keto you will lose weight quickly for the first 2 months and then level off. At this point, Keto detox is a good suggestion for you. Follow the Keto Detox for 1 week, then go back to regular Keto.

7. Hair loss

This is truly a Keto eater’s nightmare. The reason is that the body lacks Copper, Vitamin H (Biotin), and lacks collagen to nourish hair follicles. If your hair is falling out a lot, use a glass of Keto Collagen milkshake for breakfast.

8. Dark skin

If you are new to keto, do not know how to cook many dishes, or are worried about the side effects of keto… You should refer to the 28-day keto book series. You have a comprehensive guide that educates guides, supports advises, and shows you how to transform your life by forming new keto-friendly habits. 

In addition, people who are pregnant or have heart or liver problems should not use the keto method. Therefore, before practicing keto, you should consult your doctor or experts for advice in the most dedicated way and in the right direction.

Advantages of the keto diet

Keto Diet Healthy Girl

Although the Keto method has many side effects, millions of people around the world still follow this diet. Because if compared with other ways to lose weight normally, Keto still has many advantages


  • Keto is a weight loss diet – without the use of drugs
  • Help lose weight effectively and bring a dream body. Because of the dream, thousands of millions of women have been keto and successful.
  • Helps reduce acne
  • Keto claims to cut down on starches and sugars to help reduce aging and stay younger for longer.
  • These side effects of Keto can be easily eliminated by using Keto Collagen. Having keto collagen, keto is as easy as walking around, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Everything You Need to Know About the Keto Diet


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